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Nov 21, 2022

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast. Robert Sikes (aka. Keto Savage) is a professional, natural, ketogenic bodybuilder, health/fitness coach, speaker, and is the Co-Founder/CEO of the online performance supplement/vitamin store, Keto Brick.

In this conversation, Tro and Robert talk about how Robert became interested and involved in bodybuilding and nutrition, how Robert was introduced to the keto diet, the keto brick supplement/nutrition bar, protein restriction and what the literature says about it, the hormonal and metabolic value of putting on lean muscle, the idea of reverse dieting, the mental aspects of bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, the biology and psychology of building muscle, and how and why Robert started the Keto Brick company.

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Robert Sikes:

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