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Nov 14, 2022

Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Low Carb MD Podcast. Vic Basmadjian has lost over 100 pounds using keto and intermittent fasting. His commitment to this diet has also resulted in the reversal of his hypertension, acid reflux, and severe sleep apnea. He is the founder of and is passionate about helping people get healthy and lose weight.

Chris Cornell is a cancer survivor and low-carb success story. Once weighing 278 pounds at his heaviest, Chris, with the help of the amazing Low Carb community, has been able to achieve a healthy weight and is running marathons now! Now he is giving back and helping others who are in the same boat that he was in with his weekly newsletter (see links below).

In their discussion, Brian, Vic, and Chris talk about their individual health journeys, the mental health aspects of following a low-carb diet, how Chris went through chemo therapy as a low-carb dieter, the effects of stress on metabolic health, why you should never give up hope when it comes to your metabolic health, how being in good metabolic health also helps support healthy relationships, how food addiction and mood can improve on a low-carb diet, the connection between low-carb and dental health, the place of exercise in overall health, and how to survive the holidays.

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