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Aug 17, 2020

We are happy to be joined on the show today by Dr. Charlene Lichtash who is the co-author (along with Drs. Megan Ramos and Jason Fung) of an amazing case report on diabetes reversal published in the BMJ. In this episode, we discuss the potential of fasting and a ketogenic diet practiced in conjunction to reverse diabetes. In discussing this topic, we delve deeply into the aforementioned case report as well as many relevant individual test cases. What types of people benefit from a marriage of keto and fasting? What types of people see benefits from just fasting or from just eating a ketogenic diet? What is the role of exercise in increasing insulin sensitivity? How does psychology factor into a patient’s success? We discuss these questions and more with Dr. Lichtash in today’s show. 

To read Dr. Lichtash’s case report, see the links below…

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