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Jan 14, 2019

Dr. Robert Cywes (Bariatric Surgeon) joins us with incredible practical advice regarding metabolic health and his own struggles. Tro's patient Bill joins us to discuss his struggles with weight loss and his desire for bariatric surgery.  This is a must listen episode.  We cover too many topics to summarize here but we focus on the addictive nature of carbohydrates and processed foods.  We do run long in this episode but every second is valuable.  This will likely change your approach to weight loss and metabolic health.  This is truly a life changing episode. Thank you for listening. 
Dr. Robert Cywes:  Phone:  5616274107
Facebook: Robert Cywes
Book: Diabetes Unpacked (Noakes Foundation)
Visit Dr. Brian Lenzkes website:
Visit Dr. Tro Kalayjian website: