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Apr 27, 2020

We are joined on the show today by Dr. Ariel Ortiz—a weight-loss surgeon and the founder of the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana, Mexico. We discuss the connection between preexisting metabolic disease and the risk of death from COVID-19. Dr. Ortiz tells the story of how he, as a result of his search for a...

Apr 20, 2020

We are excited to be joined today by Alyssa Gallagher. Alyssa is a registered dietician working at on out-patient diabetes clinic. She was introduced to low-carb seven years ago by a dietitian friend of hers at a time when she was starting to become frustrated that she was unable to help her patients lose weight or...

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode we take a look back at all of the amazing guests we have had on and the brilliant insights they have shared. We are so grateful for all of you, our listeners, and we look forward to the next 100 episodes. Thank you all for listening and learning along with us! 
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Dr. Brian Lenzkes:

    Apr 6, 2020

    For our one-hundredth episode we have a very special guest joining us—Dr. Tim Noakes. Dr. Noakes has had a profound impact on the low-carb movement, having helped to pave the way for doctors and nutritionists by standing firm against the tide of dangerous conventional notions about health in South Africa. Facing...

    Apr 1, 2020

    Today we are joined by Forage Agronomist and Ruminant Nutritionist, Dr. Peter Ballerstedt. His main message for us today is simply this: there is no sustainable food system without ruminant animal agriculture. Ruminant animals (like cows), have gotten a bad rap (from an environmental and a dietary perspective) for a...